Invited Speakers and Prizes

Founders' Prize Lecture

Mark Warner (Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK)
Title: Responsive polymers in the solid state

Ian Macmillan Ward Prize Lecture (Best Student Paper)

Charalampos Pappas (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Title: Dynamic peptide libraries for the discovery of supramolecular nanomaterials

APS-DPOLY Exchange Lecture

Michael Hore (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
Title: Investigations of Star, Cyclic, and Concatenated Polymers with Neutron Scattering

Invited speakers

Tatiana Budtova (MINES, ParisTech, France)
Title: Bio-aerogels

Nigel Clarke (University of Sheffield, UK)
Title: Fundamental polymer physics in nanocomposites

Dr Rumiana Dimova, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany
Title: Lipid membranes exposed to aqueous two-phase systems: Membrane wetting, vesicle budding and spontaneous tubulation

Andreas Walther (Freiburg University, Germany)
Title: Adaptive and autonomous bioinspired self-assembled material systems

Alexei Likhtman Poster Prize

Early Career Researchers (ECRs) who present a poster at the meeting are eligible for the Alexei Likhtman poster prize. The winner will receive £150 and there are two runner-up prizes of £75.  An ECR may be an undergraduate or postgraduate student, or a researcher who has been awarded a PhD degree within the five years preceding the date of the meeting.

Key dates

  • Oral abstract submission deadline:
    24 May 2017
  • Poster abstract submission deadline:
    10 August 2017
  • Early registration deadline:
    10 August 2017
  • Registration deadline:
    5 September 2017